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Switch to a cleaner fuel NOW! No modifications required

Key Benefits HVO:

HVO is a second generation biofuel that overcomes the problems associated with traditional biodiesel (FAME): there is no unpleasant odour, it is compatible with mineral diesel and it is not as susceptible to microbial attack, which blocks fuel filters. HVO can also be blended at high percentages making it an altogether superior biofuel.

Environmentally Friendly Diesel

Clean burning

• Low carbon alternative fuel •

• Over 90% reduction in Green House Gas emissions when compared with regular diesel •

Sustainable fuel


• Can continue to be produced without damaging the environment •

Diesel replacement

Completely interchangeable and compatible with regular diesel

• Enables fleets to switch to a cleaner fuel overnight without making any additional investments or modifications. Simply top up and go! •

• Can be used by a wide range of OEMs in diesel engines and off-road machinery •

• HVO is commonly used in: commercial boilers, agricultural tractors & machinery, boats & vessels operating within land waterways, portable generators at events, construction equipment, industrial trucks & tankers •

• No maintenance requirements •

• No need to run down storage tank contents before changeover •

• Same hazard class as regular diesel, so it conforms to the same transport regulations •

Renewable fuel


• Manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials such as waste products from plant and animal oils and fats. Food production •

Non-toxic fuel

Biodegradable & non-toxic

Eco friendly fuel

Equal or Better performance (MPG) than diesel and improved cold start performance