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Reduce carbon emissions

Reduced Emissions

HVO is a stable fuel, virtually sulphur free and can be additive treated. It currently boasts an over 90% Net CO2 reduction from cradle to tail pipe, so delivery mileage etc. is included within this. All claims relevant to CO2, renewability and sustainability are certified independently by SGS Germany GmbH according to ISCC, RSPO and HVO verification schemes, which provides an independent and robust assessment.

Peak Oil is proud to have the first retail pump of HVO in the U.K, based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Technical specifications

Tried, tested and true to nature.

PeakHVO outperforms fossil diesels in several key areas which are outlined in the table (please click to view and download the table)

The inforamtion presented are typical figures and we reserve the right to alter the specification without notice. Nothing on this specification constitutes a guarantee.

HVO performance

HVO fuel offers the best overall coverage between environmental, operational and performance parameters, providing the perfect platform to build a NRMM and MCP fleet that’s fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

  • Refuse to react with water and won’t be “eaten” by bugs.
  • Meet Bio content requirments with no FAME content.
  • Remain mobile and filterable down to temperatures below -32oC.
  • Provide the best environmental credentials available from a liquid fuel.
  • Meet or exceed the lubricity requirements of the major Diesel performance specifications EN 590 and ASTM D975.
  • Maintian compatibility with fossil Diesel and supply chain.
  • Improve emissions profile from EN590 optimised engines and priovde a platform for further development of C.I engines