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DAF Promotes HVO For Their Diesel Engines

DAF Promotes HVO For Their Diesel Engines

DAF have released a video promoting the benefits of HVO fuel, concluding that rather than choosing between what is best for your business or best for the environment, HVO has a positive impact on both.

DAF are working with a number of national partners, who have switched to HVO fuel for their trucks. They have found that their Euro 6 trucks operating in towns and cities, which need to conduct periodic regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter, have to do so less when running on HVO. In addition, a national foodservice business, which was having to do regenerations every two to four weeks on their 18 tonne fridge vehicles working in London, no longer needed to do any once they switched to HVO. 

Phil Moon, UK Marketing Manager for DAF said “The other benefit that the drivers found, is that there is no smell and since it is biodegradable the fuel island stays clear and any spilt fuel just washes away in the rain”. He went on to say that “I believe we should be using more of it now like Sweden as it is a much more practical solution than other alternatives like gas. And we can do it now whilst other solutions like electric and hydrogen are in development.”

For more information visit https://www.daf.com/en/about-daf/sustainability/alternative-fuels-and-drivelines/clean-diesel-technology/hvo and watch the video below.