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Power Electrics Driving Down CO2 with HVO

Power Electrics DAF use HVO

Power Electrics are committed to reducing Greenhouse gases emitted from generators. As part of their mission to become a leader in sustainable power generation, Power Electrics is using HVO to power its generators at music festivals and other outdoor events where environmental protection is high on the agenda, as well as for its fleet of HGVs.

“HVO is going to see a step-change in how conventional diesel engines are fuelled,” said John Pullin, Director at Power Electrics, “we now market our generator products alongside the green credentials provided by HVO. We are using HVO in our DAF fleet, which totals 28 units, and includes specialist multi-axle configurations with cranes. When running on HVO we are achieving a 90% reduction in our carbon emissions as well as improving air quality; and we don’t have to worry about chassis packaging, vehicle range or any of the other complications associated with other alternative fuels.”

Source: DAF.co.uk